Are your products on the US section tariffs list on China?

May impose an additional 25% tariff on Chinese importing products

Since Aug.23th, 275 products imported from China will suffer an additional 25% tariff. Until goods reach the US, Many importers realized it. In this situation, it is a big loss for both importer and exporter.

If you are importing from China, please don’t forget to confirm with your suppliers. Also please note that the products sold on Amazon also included! Don’t put all your hope on the seller, after all, not all the sellers are professional as you feel.

I will share you

A.Ways to check HS code and tariff

B.US tariff list on China productsI will share you

A. How to check US HTS code and tariff?

1.Visit the website

2.Find “Search the current Harmonized Tariff Schedule…” on the left.

3.Enter HS code (6 digits), then you will find your HTS code

4.Let’s take 6 digits 841459 as an example.

5.Then find what I’m looking.

6.While you will find there is a 1/ after 2.3%. What is that mean?

Move mouse on the 1/, you will see “see subheading 9903.88.01”

7.Search the digits

8.bad luck, this article plus 25% tariff.

B. If you have known your HTS code, please check directly from the list I share.

Please download 2 files from the link