Sea Ports are facing congestion and delayed shipping schedules! (The United States, the Philippines, Nigeria, Algeria, Brazil)

Sea Ports are facing congestion and delayed shipping schedules!(The United States, the Philippines, Nigeria, Algeria, Brazil)

With the rebound of the epidemic in many countries and other factors, more and more routes have been forced to suspend flights recently. Congestion in major container ports around the world has increased.

At present, Nigeria, Los Angeles, Manila, Lagos, Algeria, and other ports are all subject to a certain degree of congestion, and shipping schedules are delayed!

1. Congestion in the port of Los Angeles, USA: truck drivers or strike

Although the peak holiday season in the United States has not yet arrived, sellers are trying to prepare for the November and December shopping months in advance, and the momentum of the peak freight season has begun to appear, and port congestion has become increasingly serious.

With the increase in the number of outgoing containers, the shipping space is now bursting, the trailers are tight, the container dumping is serious, and the ocean freight is continuously increasing. It is understood that many of Amazon’s goods are now backlogged in Los Angeles warehouses, and the processing center is overloaded.

A person familiar with the matter said that due to the large number of cargo sent to Los Angeles by sea, the port and terminals were congested, and the supply of truck drivers exceeded demand. Due to the large amount of goods and the few drivers, the current supply and demand relationship of Los Angeles trucks in the United States is extremely unbalanced. The freight rate of long-distance trucks in August has soared to the highest in history.

To make matters worse, the American Trucking Association (ATA)’s Intermodal Automobile Carriers Chamber (IMCC) filed a lawsuit against foreign shipping companies for “illegal actions”.

2. Congestion in the port of Manila, Philippines: more than 40 ships per day

At present, there is serious traffic congestion in the Port of Manila. There are more than 40 ships sailing to Manila every day for seafarer changes. The average waiting time for ships exceeds one day, which has caused serious congestion in the port.

3. Nigeria loses USD 55 million per day due to port congestion

4. Congestion in the port of Lagos, Nigeria: Ships wait 50 days

At present, the waiting time for ships in Lagos Port has reached fifty (50) days, and it is said that about 1,000 export goods of container trucks are stuck on the roadside of the port.

The Nigeria Port Authority (NPA) accused the APM terminal, which operates the Apapa terminal in Lagos, of lacking container handling equipment, which caused the port to backlog cargo.

Earlier, the “Guardian” interviewed relevant workers at the Nigerian terminal and learned: In Nigeria, the terminal fee is about US$457 and the freight is US$374, while the local freight from the port to the warehouse is about US$2050. An intelligence report from SBM also showed that compared with Ghana and South Africa, goods shipped from the EU to Nigeria are more expensive.

5. Algeria: Port congestion surcharge changes

In early August, Bejaia port workers went on a 19-day strike, and the strike has ended on August 20. However, the current ship berthing sequence at this port suffers from severe congestion between 7 and 10 days, and has the following effects:

a. Delay in the delivery time of ships arriving at the port;
b. The frequency of empty equipment reinstallation/replacement is affected;
c. Increase in operating costs;

Therefore, the port stipulates that ships destined for Béjaïa from all over the world need to submit a congestion surcharge, and the standard for each container is 100 USD/85 Euro. The application date starts on August 24, 2020.

6. Congestion in the port of Santos, Brazil remains severe

More than 70 ships lined up at the port of Santos, Brazil, and it is expected that it will take one month for all shipments to be completed.