Ultimate guide of selling OEM parts VS aftermarket parts

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When you decide to selling auto parts, you will meet few questions

  • What are OEM parts and aftermarket parts?
  • The differences between OEM parts and Aftermarket parts.
  • How to start your business?
  • Is OEM parts better than Aftermarket parts?
  • Pros and Cons of OEM and Aftermarket
  • Pros and Cons of selling them.

Here is the Ultimate guide.

OEM parts & Aftermarket parts

OEM parts: OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. The OEM is the original producer of a vehicle’s components, so OEM parts are identical to the parts used in producing a vehicle.

Aftermarket Parts: Aftermarket parts are manufactured by a company other than your car manufacturer. A number of companies make parts designed to function the same, or in some cases even better than the original.

Q: Question, are all your Benz car parts made by BENZ?

A: The answer is NO. Sometimes the automotive brand does not make the OEM parts but hires an outside company to be the official manufacturer of that part.

Difference: OEM parts & Aftermarket parts

Biggest difference is

OEM parts: Expensive

Aftermarket parts: Cheap

Usually the retail price of OEM parts is about 2-3 times than aftermarket parts.

How to start your business?

Sell OEM parts: You need to be a dealer’s auto shop

Sell Aftermarket parts: an independent shop or online shop is okay.

Think: Does a less expensive aftermarket part mean a poorer-quality part?

Pros and Cons of OEM and Aftermarket Parts

OEMEasy and simple to choose partMore expensive
Quality guaranteedNeed to be the dealership
Comes with a warrantyProduct quality may not be superior
Better after-sale serviceLimited availability
AftermarketLow costQuality varies greatly
Quality can be equal to or greater than OEM (Potentially better quality)Overwhelming selection
More varietyNo warranty (some of these parts are sold without a warranty, depending on price.)
More availability

Pros and Cons of Selling

How to sell?As an automotive dealerIndependent shop is enough
Sales advantage*All the parts are created equal.

*Aftersales service is good

*easily to find OEM #

*Brand will bring you customer naturally, you don’t need to do the marketing from 0 to 1.

* Quality may be superior

* Price is more competitive

* Available types and quality are more than OEM

* Meet different requirements on price

*You can control the price and profit

Disadvantage*Not many available types

*price is far less competitive

*You are not able to make price and profit as your wishes

*profit is limited

*Customers are limited within your brand.

*Quality may be bad

*Choice is also too much for you-find the fittest suppliers from hundreds of different offers.

*Aftersales service from your supplier may be bad.

*You need know more, not only OEM( Usually your supplier is distributor or wholesaler, they are not able tell you which car use this turbo.

*Need do marketing from 0 to 1.

After read my guide, if you are still not able to make up your mind, use this quick score skill to get your finial answer.

Take this as example, 5 scores for every item

ProfitAfter-sale servicePotential customer Q’tyTurnover……..TOTAL SCORE

After comparing the final TTL score, you will find your answers.

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