Mazda WLT Cylinder Head Assy

Volkswagon VW 1.9L Cylinder Head Assy

Toyota 3VZ-left Cylinder Head Assy

Audi AHF1.9L Cylinder Head Assembly

Mitsubishi 4G54 Cylinder Head Assembly

Toyota 3VZ-left Cylinder Head Assy

Getturbos Complete cylinder heads(also called Cylinder Head Assy and Cylinder Head Assembly) are supplied to meet different customer's requirements.

In some markets, the labor cost is expensive or not convenient to do assembly jobs, so these customers prefer to choose these complete cylinder heads.

Tips for purchasing
-MOQ is only 30pcs.
-Delivery time is 7~30 days
-Packing: 1pc/carton, 40~60pcs/pallet
-Shipping port: Shanghai, China.
-Warranty time:12 months