1. Hyundai to produce EVs in Indonesia by 2022.
  2. New vehicles in Thailand fall 4% to 74,114 units in Oct. 2020.
  3. Hyundai Motor is being sued over EV battery fires due to the same battery maker LG Chem after GM recalls nearly 70,000 units EVs.
  4. GM may exit S.Korea due to labor trouble.
  5. GM plans to make Cadillac all-electric by 2030.
  6. GM to launch auto, home insurance business by the end of 2021 in whole US.
  7. Kreisel and Shell collaborate on battery tech.
  8. Ford release hybrid Kuga HEV.
  9. DS concept shows mid-air haptic technology and hand tracking technology to future models.
  10. UK government confirms 2030 ICE ban(Internal Combustion Engine, ban sales of new petrol and diesel cars and vans).
  11. Toyota starts G2 Mirai 2021 FCEV. (PS: EV- Electric vehicle, HEV-Hybrid electric vehicle, PHEV-Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle, FCEV-Fuel cell electric vehicle).
  12. Honda NEW civic to sale next spring.
  13. Germany to extends support EV purchases until 2025 to support its auto industry and ease transition to an electrified future.
  14. Svolt Energy Technology, to establish US$2.4bn European battery cell production site in Saarland German.
  15. International Truck launches new HX series.
  16. ChargePoint cooperates with Apple Carplay to revolutionize driver experience.
  17. Vibracoustic provides first air spring system including excellent comfort and dynamic performance for sporty SUV.
  18. Dana supplies Spicer AdvanTEK axles to new 2021 Land Rover Defender.
  19. Akebono Brake is used in Volvo’s XC60 T8 Polestar Engineered, which become available in Japan from Nov.6.
  20. Scania invests US$18.4m in a new research and development battery laboratory facility in Sweden.
  21. UL expands its Frankfurt facility for EV charging testing site.
  22. Mini presents electric concept Vision Urbanaut at NEXTGen.