1. Ford Kansas City built cargo van 2022 E-Transit for US and Europe under US$45000.
  2. BMW unveiled new flagship electric SUV iX.
  3. Nissan enters the final testing phase of its 3rd generation Qashqai crossover.
  4. Denso invests in Lambda:4 (Entwicklungen GmbH is developing High Accuracy Distance Measurement solutions based on Bluetooth technology.)
  5. Meritor report Q4 net profit plunges US$42m due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. ( a Fortune 500 company, located in Troy Michigan US, manufactures automobile components for military suppliers, trucks, and trailers.)
  6. Hankook will supply GM Silverado and Sierra HD tires. (Hankook Tire & Technology group, located in Seoul S.Korea, is the seventh-largest tire company in the world.)
  7. Webasto(Heating and Cooling Solutions for Heavy Duty Trucks) supplies GM Corvette retractable hardtop.
  8. Denson takes a stake in Envoy Technologies(an EV start-up in CA, offering mobility services to commercial real estate)
  9. China Automotive Systems, power steering systems and components supplier, sees Q3 growth
  10. Logistics UK urges Brexit clarity to keep trade flowing after 31 Dec.2020.
  11. Bridgestone finalized the process to close down tire plant in Port Elizabeth.
  12. WorldAutoSteel unveils a new vehicle engineering program, Steel E-Motive.
  13. Continental appoints Nikolai Setzer as CEO, effective 1 Dec. 2020.
  14. GM recalls 68,000 Chevy Bolt EVs for fire risk, possibly related to high-voltage batteries produced by LG Chem in Korea.
  15. Uber in talks to sell self-driving unit to Aurora Innovation, .
  16. Daimler and Beiqi Foton will invest US$415.3m to produce Mercedes-Benz Actros heavy trucks in China for the first time.
  17. Ideal car deliver 8660 cars in Q3, estimated deliver 11,000 and 12,000 cars in Q4, an increase of 27%-38.6% from the previous quarter;
  18. Ideal car report operating income US$380m, net loss was $16.2m, and the market expected a loss of US$75.7m.