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In stock(cylinder head)

  • 4D56(A,B,C,D,E)
  • 2L,3L,5L,2LT,2L2
  • 8839-10-100A, NA
  • FE70-10-100K,FE
  • FEJK-10-100,F2
  • 11101-79087, 3RZ
  • 11101-75022, 2RZ
  • 11040-VJ260, KA24
  • 11040-20G13, Z24
  • 908751,908752,908753, D4CB

In stock(cylinder head)

  • 908505,YD25
  • 908510,YD25
  • 11041-VC000, TB45
  • 11041-54N00, TB42
  • 11101-0C030, 2TR
  • 11101-17010, 1HZ
  • 11101-35080, 22R
  • 11101-54131, 3L
  • 908744,WL
  • 11101-13062,5K(new & old)

In stock(cylinder head)

  • 11101-73020, 4Y
  • 11101-79276, 3RZ
  • 897186589, 4HF1
  • MD307715, 4D55,D4BA
  • 11101-73010, 3Y
  • MD307716, 4D55
  • ME202621,4M40
  • BK3Z6049A, Ford ranger 3.2
  • 7701471013, F8Q
  • 908790,K9K612
  • 908788,K9K846
  • Wuling B12, B14, B15


UV AirPurifier -AirWhisper-Born for purifier air

max air whisper

UV AirWhisper Max

  • UV air purifier, with HEPA filter, connect TuYa App.
  • For home, bus, office, hotel, commercial, mall,etc.
  • Triple sterilization:
    • UVC
    • UVA+Photocatalyst
    • HEPA filter
  • UV chips are the best inorganic packaging chips.
mini airwhisper UV air purifier

AirWhisper Mini

  • Portable mini UV air purifier.
  • For small vehicles(2~7 seats)
  • Dual sterilization:
    • UVC
    • UVA+ Photocatalyst
  • UV chips are the best inorganic packaging chips.
anti virus sticker airwhisper

AirWhisper anti-virus stickers

  • With photocatalytic coating.
  • UV sensitive material.
  • For public touch handles.
  • Anti-virus affection is visible.
  • Waterproof.
  • Accept customized.


Getturbos is a famous brand in China and committed to manufacturing and exporting high-quality engine parts. Getturbos now supply 1500+different models and offer 12 months warranty.

Main products: cylinder head, cylinder head assy, turbocharger, engine block, etc.

Since we built in 2014, we’ve seen many of our customers growing from small to big, from retailers to wholesalers/ distributors.

So no matter where you are from, which stage of business you are in, we’d like to support you.

In 2020, under the background of the pandemic, with new vehicle products, AirWhisper, our business steps to a new stage. The AirWhisper series product is born for healthy air. With the love for auto parts, we choose a different way- vehicle air purification.

Now AirWhisper series includes 3 products: AirWhisper mini for a small vehicle, AirWhisper max for both public vehicles and home, AirWhisper anti-virus stickers for public touch.

Contact us, we have experienced experts to 7*24 help you.

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It’s very happy to find Shanghai Getturbos, they are great and very supportive, let our customers enjoy the cheap price and very high quality. They take great pride in their products. Highly recommended.

Fernando Rodriguez, Bolivia

Through three years of cooperation, we know Shanghai Getturbos have more deep understanding, the production process conducted a series of quality control, they have good logistics solutions, let us in front of customers won more honor.


It’s not easy finding a supplier that can provide consistent quality. This is the most important reason why I ‘ve recommended Shanghai Getturbos as my supplier and will continue to do so.

Matt Bell, United States
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